Dockerhub Search for microsoft-mssql-server Not Showing Official Image

Trying every combination of “microsoft”, “mssql”, “sql server” brings up around 2,500 results and the official images page for Microsoft is not within the first several pages. Also, checking the checkbox for “Docker Official Image” makes all the results disappear.

Only by doing a web search using a search engine do I get a URL to the official Microsoft images page on Docker Hub.

What am I doing wrong?

Not saying you’re doing it wrong (it’s how I’d search as well), but: it helps to know that Microsoft’s images are published by

Also, they have their own “MAR”: see GitHub - microsoft/containerregistry: Microsoft Artifact Registry description and related FAQ I’ve never used that, but maybe one should use that for Windows-based Docker images? Oh, I guess not:

Thanks for the additional information, it is appreciated. I am surprised that there isn’t a more intuitive way to get to Microsoft’s images on Docker Hub.

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