Image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform

I just installed docker(20.10.17) on my win10 system whenever I try to pull tensorflow/serving I keep getting the same error message “image operating system “linux” cannot be used on this platform”

I have already selected “Switch to Windows Containers” present at the bottom of the window screen, if I switch back to linus container my docker app won’t open

I have already set my docker desktop → experimental: true

I have also executed this command “C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Dockercli” -SwitchDaemon

I have also uninstalled and installed the docker app multiple times

Instead of switching to Windows containers which would obviously not work since you want to run Linux containers, you should find out why Docker Desktop can’t start when you switch to Linux containers.

Make sure you have the system requiremnts

Check the Troubleshoot guide too to get some log messages

Thank you very much
I have seen my problem
I didn’t have wsl and linux package in my system