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Ran out of disk space while migrating "default"

(Datacarl) #1

Expected behavior

When migrating the “default” machine during docker for mac installation I do not want to end up without disk space. Either 1) check for available disk space before starting the migration or 2) delete the partially copied images / containers when failing due to lack of disk space.

Actual behavior

The installation tries to copy images /containers and fails when out of disk space. At that point all I got was an error message. My disk was still full and I couldn’t find the location of the partially copied images / containers. Opening the docker menu from the toolbar -> settings -> uninstall solved the problem but I might as well have tried removing the docker app first (which I now assume would have left me with a full disk).

(Paragon1970) #2

Nope have same issue. Wasted hours on this system.
Starting to come to the conclusion that docker is not fit for purpose.
I come from a Sun Solaris background their container tech was by far superior to what I have experienced with this.

Disk drive still full. What migration tool does not check for space availability before commencing… JUNK!