Install Docker on Kali

I require some help with the installation of Linux Docker on to Kali. Presently, I have attempted to follow the setup and installation procedure for Docker-CE. I am working with, and have installed Kali and Ubuntu operating systems on, VMWare virtual machine on Windows 10.

The problem is always the same: no distribution template. Every effort I have made has resulted in a notification that there has been a failure to build Docker because a ‘current release’ of a distribution template could not be found.

Now, I am afraid, my drive is populated with files and directories that I cannot remove (do not know how to remove, to be precise) and I am still no closer to installing Docker on Kali, so that I can continue my course of study.

I cannot provide any error messages, or terminal output that could fully describe the issue(s), because I shut down the terminal in frustration and have only just signed up to the Docker Hub, so I apologise for being less than helpful in this regard. Kali is 2017.2 (Gnome 3.22.2) Nonetheless, I would greatly appreciate assistance in getting Docker working on Kali. Thank you, in advance.