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Need help getting my first Linux machine on dockers

I’m trying to execute Kali Linux on my win 10 Machine.
Can someone suggest how to build it ?
I’m ok either downloading it or using my local ISO image.
Haven’t been able to find clear instructions for windows based docker
Also, will i only get the CLI or will it be full desktop ?

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I was just looking for something similar, and came across this page. It talks of building your own image, so I hope it helps.

If it does not, I apologize. I’m really new at Docker, and I’m still learning a lot, but I’m still fumbling around on many things.

Apologies, forgot to paste the link.

Thank you
Looks interesting
I’ll give it a try.
My goal is to have a full kali machine running including the UI .
I’ll go through the documentation to see if this would be possible.

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