Installing Exe on Windows


Sorry for my ignorance but a newbie here.

I have a EXE that runs an IDP service on 2016 Windows. I want to containerize such.

I’m running the following dockerfile to get the image. Then, when I try to start the container, it starts then immediately exits.

It’s an application that when installed it runs under a java / war file and launches a website on port 7070


CMD [“c:\path of exe -f”] #path of exe to run with install prop file
CMD ["setx sysvariblename “directory”]

WORKDIR /pathof .bat file needs to run

CMD [“C:\path\noname.bat”] # to start services.

Is there a better way to capture an installed application on Windows Server?

I’ve tried the VHD format with image2docker and the application doesn’t show up with any of the artifacts showing.

Thanks for helping a newbie!