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Installing Docker - Beginner

I am studying Docker, and in the installation topic, I saw from different sources that I should install using

Blockquote curl fsSL | sh

Blockquote, but one source says that, beyond Docker, I must install docker machine and Docker Swarm. Which one is the accurate way? Install only Docker (by issuing the script) or Docker + Docker Machine + Docker Swarm?

Many thanks


This pretty much depends on the host os.

If your host is is linux and your distribution is supported by docker, then the command from above (without “Blockquote”) is the right way to go. Imho, this gives the best and cleanest experience with docker.

If your os is OSX or Windows 10 Pro, your will want to use Docker Desktop. If your os is Windows 7 or 10 Home, you will want to use Docker machine. Though, Docker will be run inside a vm, controlled by the docker cli, which will be available on your host os.

Docker Swarm is part of every Docker-CE installation. It just needs to be initialized.

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Thanks for replying. My host OS is Fedora 27.

there you go:

Don’t forget to enable the service after installation:

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Thanks for replying. I’m gonna try