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Is it possible to mix swarm managers with different cpu architectures?

(Metin Y.) #1

Whenever I see articles about docker mixed cpu architecture operations, people use a single Raspberry Pi manager node to command x86_64 workers.

What I want to try, is to have a three node swarm manager cluster, where 2 manager nodes are x86_64 machines and one will be a Raspberry Pi. All containers are intended to run on the two x86_64 machines. The Pi is more like a welcome sacrifice to keep the RAFT consensus happy, even when one of the baremetal machines goes down.

Does someone successfully run a setup like this?


(Metin Y.) #2

Running this setup now in my homelab.

Ubuntu 18.04.2 TLS on the Raspberry 3B+ and on both x86_64 machines. x86_64 images get deployed on the two x86_64 machines.

Seems like everything works like a charm.