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Swarm on Different Docker Versions

Hey Guys,

I have a swarm setup on Raspberry PIs and it works fine but I also want to set up a swarm on 3 servers I have (Intel NUCs) one of them has Docker 18.09.3 on Ubuntu Server 18.04, I just installed Docker for Windows (Docker 18.09.2). Is it possible to create a swarm on different OSes and Different versions?

I think I already know the answer, I just want confirmation.

Thanks, and please pardon the dumb question.

I recently created a mixed architecture swarm with 3 leaders: 1x PI, 2x X86_64
Though, all are running on the same Ubuntu 18.04 version and the same Docker version.

Mixed Docker version operation should be possible as well. If i remember correct, it is not advised to run mixed versions (except during updates of the docker engines).