Is it possible to run Windows GUI desktop appliction in Docker?

Host: Linux Mint 20
Guest: Virtual Machine Windows 10 (Virtual Box 6)

On virtual machine I run my Windows GUI desktop application.
This application was created by C# and Microsoft .NET 2.

So it’s work just fine.

But I want to avoid to using Virtual machine.
So the question is:
Is it possible to run my Windows GUI desktop application on Docker?

Yes, you can run an application, but .NET 2 is awfully old – I’m not certain you’d be able to run that. All the links I can find to docker dotnet-framework 404!

Ok, it’s maybe .NET 4.

How I can run this kind of application ? C# → .NET 4, GUI Desktop Application

Do you have some example?

I don’t — I’m only making .NET Core web apps

There’s this for .net 4 WebForms but I’ve found nothing for Desktop.

I am afraid the dotnet version is less relevant here, than the fact that desktop applications are still not supported.