Is there an active community somewhere willing to sometimes answer a question

out of 3 questions I posted so far here, only one got answered. Am I doing something wrong or just plain luck? In any case, if someone is kind enough to point me to resource where I can occasionally get some answer(s).

Thank you all

Uncommon and probably odd request tend to not attract much attention At least they don’t catch mine.

Usualy I try to stay away if someone unexperienced with docker commes up with wildly strange solutions and just shares details about the impediment of the hour (and once its is sorted out with the next), without sharing what he actualy tries to achive.

Anyway, if you find a more active community, it would be much appreciated if you share it with us.

My impression is that this forum gets more and more silent. Many users have disappeared, @meyay is one of the few who writes regularly.
Me, I have a lot to do at the moment, so I rarely have time to try something new or to give long answers.

Thank you.

I saw number of replies to posts are generally low which I found strange since the popularity of Docker is quite high. I like it and I use it, but sometimes I just need input to point me into the right direction, not to solve issue for me - like the question regarding container orchestration.

Will try Reddit though, usually I find people there more friendly and communicative.

Kindest regards

Yes, there is -