How to get help for Docker when no one has an answer


I have been trying to get Bluetooth to work in Docker in a macOS machine. It’s been about 3 months on and off with searching for answers. I think I can confidently say that I have seen all of the related posts on this. Basically no one has an answer. Often times the people answer with use --net=host or --privileged, but this only works for a few people somehow. Most threads end with people chipping in in the question and asking for answers. There is basically no answer for Bluetooth in Docker and it seems there is no one to talk to.

So I am wondering is there anything one can do when neither this forum nor stack overflow now random fringe forums or GitHub issues can solve this issue? Is there no official support ticket system or anything? Bluetooth doesn’t seem like it is a completely fringe topic as it is a mainstream protocol.

Any ideas what one could do?


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