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Is there an existing image for maven version 3.0.5?

My project needs exactly maven version 3.0.5.

In my Dockerfile, I am trying to use the official maven image from dockerhub ( I couldn’t find the exact version that I’m looking for (3.0.5), so my question is - Is there any image for maven version 3.0.5 that I can use in my Dockerfile ?

If not, could someone please provide me an alternative ?


First, im not a maven guy.
But, as you can see in the maven dockerfile:

It gets maven from:
And as you can see, 3.0.5 is there.

So i would “copy/paste” that dockerfile to my own host, edit the variable to be the maven version you want, and build :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply @terpz … Currently, I’m doing something similar except that I’m copying the maven fetch code from this image ( :slight_smile: