Docker Image for mvn and java with the specified versions

Hello Team,

I need an image with the specific versions. Can anyone suggest me where I can find it?

Package Version Comments

Java - 1.8
aws-java-sdk-s3 - 1.12.94
Aws-java-sdk-dynamodb - 1.12.95
TestNg - 6.14.3
salesforce-Jdbc - 1.1-20180403.104727-1 (1.1 and above)
Aws Toolkit for eclipse - 2
ojdbc8 -
log4j12 - 2
commons-io - 2.5
extentreports - 5.0.3
selenium-java - 3.8.1
Lombok - 1.18.20
Aws-lambda-java-events - 3.11.0
Aws-lambda-java-core - 1.2.1
Simba-Athena-Jdbc-driver - 42_2.0.25.1002
maven-shade-plugin - 3.2.4
maven-surefire-plugin - 2.21.0
maven-compiler-plugin - 3.5.1
maven-release-plugin - 2.5.3

Ravi Krishna D

I doubt there will be a custom taylored image that happen to have exactly the components and versions you are looking for.

It almost looks like you plan to run an ide in the container and use it for development. Because if you would tailor an image for builds, to be used in a ci/cd pipeline, the image would only need the right java and maven version and should fetch everything as maven dependency when building your project.

Have you considered to use AWS CodePipeline and/or CodeBuild to build your project? The official build images come with Java 8/11 and maven (and lots more) preinstalled.