Issue with Docker Build Cache Export

Hi everyone,
I’m encountering an issue with Docker’s cache export functionality. According to the Docker documentation::

The default docker driver supports the inline and local cache backends. Other cache backends require you to select a different driver.

However, when I run the following command to export the cache locally:
docker buildx build --cache-to type=local,dest=/myuser/docker_cache -f dockerfile .

I receive this error:

ERROR: Cache export is not supported for the docker driver. Switch to a different driver, or turn on the containerd image store, and try again.

If I switch to the docker-container driver, the command works fine. However, I prefer to use the default Docker driver because using --load with the docker-container driver is slower for our use case.
Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds for using the default Docker driver while still being able to export the cache locally? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, If you don’t want to use a different driver, you could enable containerd image store?
The default driver only supports the local cache if containerd is enabled
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