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Issue with "get started with Docker" tutorial


(Seesharp) #1

Hi. i just started learning how to use docker and i am having an issue with Part 6: Deploy your app.

In the section “create your swarm” i am having an issue with these information:

Otherwise, create your nodes in the Docker Cloud UI, and run the docker swarm init and docker swarm join commands you learned in part 4 over SSH via Docker Cloud. Finally, enable Swarm Mode by clicking the toggle at the top of the screen, and register the swarm you just created.

After a few hours of researching i think i understand that what i need to do is to find the node cluster i made on docker cloud on my terminal and initiate a swarm and join it, but i can’t find any article that addresses this issue. Could someone please point out how i can do this? (details are much appreciated as i am just a newcomer)

Thank you.