No navigation options for Swarm

When I log into Docker Cloud I don’t have any options for Swarm and cannot find a toggle for it anywhere. I noticed that the documentation said that new cloud users while find the Swarm baked into the dashboard already but it’s just not there for me.

You can see from the image that my only options are Repositories and Get Help.
I haven’t found a documented reason for this; hoping someone here could enlighten me.


Same problem here. I am newbie trying to follow the tutorial and got stuck with the same problem.

Please share if you find the solution.

The exact change to get around the navigation is to change




My swarm just failed to provision, however, so this may not be the end of the troubles.

EDIT: Fix url

gives a page not found.

Maybe the problem is related to this:

@joaquimrcarvalho My bad, you’ll get a 404 with the trailing slash. You can either remove the slash or put 1 after it.

@alexyakuto @joaquimrcarvalho Can’t find Digital Ocean Service Provider Option? Could you guys give me some instructions ? :joy:

Same problem here! No navigation options to manage applications, link providers etc.

maybe same problem? is there any solution for this?