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Issue with this, docker run command

  1. Following this, Building a Ledger Nano S Application on MacBook and Docker | by I Putu Kusuma Negara | Medium

  2. Issue with this section, “docker run -t -i --mount type=bind,source=’/Volumes/Data/ledger_experiment’,target=/home nbasim/ledger-blue-sdk /bin/bash”. Yes I have the docker desktop, the proper prebuild, im having trouble just linking the proper path. even tried this, /Users/mikecallahan/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data". yes, nbasim/ledger-blue-sdk/" I have this prebuild installed

Basically from my point of view I have everything but the proper paths I believe. Think the framework of docker has changer between the time of that tutorial and now. Thanks, looking forward to hearing what I did wrong haha