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Kitematic fails to start

I’ve just installed the latest Docker Toolbox (DockerToolbox-1.11.2) and since installing it my Kitematic has failed to start with the following error

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND docker.local docker.local:2375

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same issue. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall Docker Toolbox several times, as well as restart my computer. The issue persists.

Me too, this is the first time I have ever tried to install Docker. Is this a normal issue? I’m on windows 10 64bit

For me too. Started after upgrading to latest docker toolbox 1.11.2. Win10 64 bit.
Note - after getting this failure it offers to use virtual box which then restarts kitematic, and then it works OK. What causes this issue?

me as well … restarting using virtualbox makes no difference

same issue as well

seems like a new bug

I suspect this comes from the attempt to migrate to the new Windows native implementation model for docker without VirtualBox. I also see that behavior, but when selecting use VirtualBox at the end, Kitematic starts smoothly.
So I suspect the default expectations of Kitematic are now that it should run with the native implementation which is still in Beta.

Go to settings and Shared Drives and pick a local drive to be available to your container. Then reset. Worked for me…

Tore Gard

I installed docker version 1.11.2, on Win8.1 (i don’t to upgrade Win10)
Then when i launch Kitematic, I’ve got:
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND docker.local docker.local:2375

Do someone get an idea to solve that?

I’ve cloned my C disk to be a SSD disk. Reinstalling Docker and Kitematic gave me the same problem.

@srenou It looks like you are right about Kitematic’s expectations. See issue 1754 on Kitematic Github.

I would paste a link to the issue but the forum counts it as more than two and being new, I’m only allowed 2.

please include the environment path of Docker Terminal on your windows computer. Like this PATH for
DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH = C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox.

looks like latest release of docker toolbox contains kitematic 0.13 that implemented a workaround so that on second start it would directly go to virtual box

hi,I have the same issue. So I want to ask how to deal it? Anybody can tell me? waitting…

I am using windows 10 Education and installing Docker Toolbox, but it doesn’t work as showing in the attached image. Please help

I had been installed several times, and I found a solution finally.

I used the Docker windows with Hyper V. so, I don’t know it’s perfect solution for you.

It’s very simple and i think it’s a bug.

You try to run your Docker Desktop with Administrator privilege.

Have a good time.

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