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KiteMatic - uninstall

(Wicksy79) #1


I installed Kitematic a number of weeks ago on my Mac and there was an issue with the installation and it does not run.

Following the instructions here: and then rebooting, I have downloaded the latest version, but then all I get is a grey square screen.

I am not able to do anything and then I have to use force quit.

Any ideas or suggestions how I can ensure that everything is purged from my Mac before I try a new install of the latest version?



(Michael Chiang) #2

Hi Paul,

Sorry about your experience so far.

May I ask what version of Mac OS you are on? You should be able to just re-download Kitematic and run it.

If it’s a Docker machine issue, you can go into VirtualBox and remove the “dev” VM. Hope this helps.

(Soudaburger) #3

You could also try installing Kitematic through homebrew and cask. Then you can simply:

brew install kitematic
brew uninstall kitematic
brew cleanup