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Known issue: Docker Cloud cannot add aws credentials for an account with no default vpc

(Jef Statham) #1

I’ve added all the iam permission but when I try to add the credentials they will not save. I believe it’s because this aws account has all the default VPC’s deleted in all regions.

Following the guide this is my error

➜ ~ aws ec2 run-instances --dry-run --image-id ami-4d883350 --instance-type m3.medium
A client error (VPCIdNotSpecified) occurred when calling the RunInstances operation: No default VPC for this user

(Borja Burgos) #2

That is correct, did you manually delete all default VPCs? What was the reason to do this?

(Jef Statham) #3

I did manually delete them. I do have vpcs in one region but it’s not the default one that was created with the account.

(Borja Burgos) #4

There is a way to get the default VPCs re-created in your account by contacting AWS directly. It is documented here: