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Kubernetes hang at starting phase due to certificate signed by unknown certificate authority

The kubernetes which comes with Docker Windows hung at starting phase.
The logs shows:

“Cannot list nodes: Get https://kubernetes.docker.internal:6443/api/v1/nodes: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”

Seems it does not come with the certificate authority root public certificate.


a. Where can i get the CA root public certificate
b. If i do find it, where is the repositories to store the CA root public certificate? Is it at user home/.kube/config file?

I have same issue.

As I find out all certificates are in C:\ProgramData\DockerDesktop\pki. There is also the root certificate. But I don’t know all places where this root ca need to be imported. I imported ca certificate to windows store but It helps only if I go to URL in local browser. Kubernetes itself still saying Starting…

I figure out where is my problem. I’m behind corporate proxy with authentication and accepting only NTLM/Kerberos tickets. Than I have local proxy and I setup this proxy in docker configuration. I need setup to bypass localhost in my local proxy and then Kubernetes started.