Upgrade docker desktop created new docker-desktop-data container and I cannot use the old one!


I lost access after the last docker-desktop update to the data. I moved the docker-desktop-data to another Drive by using wsl --unregister and wsl --import. After the last update I noticed docker desktop is no longer using my docker-desktop-data from drive D: but actually created a new docker-desktop-data.

I tried to unregister it, but import the tar file, I still have from a few days ago, but it seems not be recognized by docker desktop. I can access the distribution using \wsl$ so I see that the volumes, containers/images are all there, but I can’t access/use them anymore with docker desktop…

Is there something like a upgrade docker-desktop-data I can apply?

any hints? Any logs I should/can look into?

To be honest, I am pretty p… by this “application” at the moment!

I can confirm that after downgrading to Docker v.4.30.0 I can access my old containers again… Thx Misty Moore for contacting me and providng that hint… Anyhow not sure what’s going on there… 4.31.0 is IMHO a broken/faulty update!

I also do not fully understand why I was connected privately from a high school person. Is docker recently working with high school students?

There was an issue when containers and images disappeared after the upgrade

it was fixed in Docker Desktop 4.31.1

but If I understand you correctly, your problem is different, because you moved your data distribution to a different storage and the new version does not recognize it. I don’t use DD on Windows actively, so I don’t know any solution, but you can also report it on GitHub.