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Licensing for Docker EE

  1., is it for Basic Docker EE installation. I know there are other two types, Standard and Advanced.
  2. It is said that if we are Windows Server 2016 customer already, then no extra license fee is needed for installing and using Basic Docker EE with container feature enabled on Windows server 2016?
  3. We also need Docker Compose to be used. I think as it is under Apache License 2.0, it is free to install and use in our company, right?
  4. We are considering using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 server as an alternative. It is also said that if we are already a customer of it with the RHEL subscription, then no extra license fee is needed for installing and using Docker EE as well on RHEL 7?

Anyone, please? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Hi macsir, Thanks for the reply and info.

Yes, we have planned to install on RHEL 7. If i go to pricing in Docker website, it is showing three types of options. One is Free for Individuals, Second one is Pro for individuals and developers, and Third one is Team for Organizations. Team type selling user based charges. My query is, if i purchase one user license, is it serve my purpose to work with one server or multiple servers with Docker images and containers.