Docker Desktop, Community, EE .. big confusion time

I’m considering deployment of my Dockerized app to a Windows Server running host.

I started researching the licensing and it’s really confusing. Found several older sources covering installation of Docker EE on Windows Server 2016+.
However when I google Docker EE and click on any of the links, I get redirected to a home page.
So, obviously Docker EE is gone, but there is not a single word explaining why and what happened and what to do. Just a redirection to a home page.
Found this cached Docker docs where Get Docker section seems to has been more extensively covering the options:

It seems all the documentation on is implicitly referring to Docker Desktop (which is paid for commercial use). It feels almost like there are no other editions left?

What happened to Docker EE?
What happened to Docker CE?
What Docker type am I running on my Linux host (obviously not Docker Desktop)?
Is there any option left to run dockerized apps on Windows hosts without using Docker Desktop (i.e. avoiding extra licensing fee, but also don’t need a desktop app)

It is indeed confusiing. If I remember correctly, there was a link to “Docker CE” under the download button. Now I can’t find that either. There is a link at the bottom of Desktop vs Docker Engine, but this is outdated since it doesn’t mention Docker Desktop for Linux.

You can use Docker CE for free. It is often referred to as Docker Engine:

Docker EE doesn’t exist anymore. It is Mirantis Container Runtime now used by Mirantis Kubernetes Engine since Mirantis bought Docker EE.

Thank you for pointing out the confusing references.

Most likely Docker CE but that can be installed from multiple sources. Always use the official guide that I linked above.

It depends on what type of containers you want to run. In case of Linux containers you can create a Virtual Machine that runs Docker CE. In case of Windows containers you can follow the Microsoft documentation

It also mentions Mirantis.

Great, thank you for explaining.
Since the scenario in question is to run Linux container on Windows, I guess a VM with Docker CE is a way to go… or a Docker Desktop.

The conditions whether a license is required or not can be found here: Docker FAQs | Docker