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Limitations of Windows Server 2016 Standard

(Rwmajor2) #1

According to this article, Windows 2016 Standard has limitations of:

  • 2 virtual machines, plus one Hyper-V host per license
  • Container support (Windows containers unlimited; Hyper-V containers up to 2)

I am a little bit confused on how this relates to Docker. Let’s say I am going to run Linux containers on Windows, which as we know creates a MobyLinux Hyper-V VM. If I then run 10 Docker containers, am I violating the Windows 2016 Standard licensing? Do Docker containers have any relationship to Hyper-V containers mentioned above?

Thanks for any input on this subject.

(Hellosri) #2

I have the same question around running a bunch of linux containers on Windows 2016. Can someone from the docker team please clarify?