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Does docker CE support windows container?

(Terryzhuo) #1

The table in link says indicates that Docker CE does not support Windows Container. Is this correct?

(Michael Friis) #2

Docker EE is required to run Docker Windows containers on Windows Server 2016. Docker EE is available at no extra cost for Windows Server 2016. Docker CE is not available for production use for Windows Server.

Docker CE is available on Windows 10, and will run both Docker Linux and Docker Windows containers:

(Terryzhuo) #3

Thanks for the information. Since Docker EE requires subscription, I am more interested in Docker CE.

Docker CE release note actually says it has windows server 2016 support: Some people in Kubernetes community also says Docker CE supports windows container on windows server 2016 or later. So I am confused.

Will windows server 2016 (or later version like 1709) be officially supported by Docker CE in the future?

(Michael Friis) #4

For Windows Server 2016, Docker EE Basic does not require subscription. Here’s how to install it:

The CE support on Windows Server is only for development purposes, for developers building Docker apps on their workstation with Windows Server 2016 because they like that better than Windows 10.

Will windows server 2016 (or later version like 1709) be officially supported by Docker CE in the future?

No, not for production use.

(Pspattillo) #5

I wish I’d seen this prior to posting similar questions. Is it viable to run Docker EE under W2K16 hosted by Hyper-V? Is that commonly done (in a pinch? If I had the physical machines I’d use them)? I need a lab environment for learning docker. It might be simpler with a dev environment being as close to production as possible.

I am running on Windows 10 Pro:

Version 17.03.1-ce-rc1-win3 (10625)
Channel: edge

and when I use the Docker taskbar app switch from Linux to Windows Container development and run the Hello-World app I see no statically or dynamically created Hyper-V VM in Hyper-V manager yet everything I’ve read indicates that Hyper-V is somehow present “under the covers”. Does the absence of a Hyper-V VM in this case mean that Docker is using a windows native container for the Hello-World app?

BTW, I’m a long time Windows developer but Docker noob, bouncing off walls ATM. Thanks, in advance, for feedback.