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Linked accounts tab missing


i’m trying to link my github to my docker hub account but there is simply no such tab in the settings.

I already added more details to my account, verified my mail but the tab ‘Linked accounts’ just does not show up.
I can’t find anybody else having this issue on the web.

Trying to access it via the url /linked-accounts redirects me to general.

It must be an utterly stupid mistake i make o.O

Thanks for help

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Ok, i just found out its a pro feature. Topic closed :grimacing:

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I am having this issue and I don’t know what the answer is. How did you fix your issue?

same here.
Is this really pro feature? I cannot find such a information. I hope to know how to fix it.

I found Automated Builds is required pro, team and business. Was there a change?

Since June 2021, automated Docker builds for GitHub need a Docker subscription indeed. Using a Pro account, I see the following, which only mentions automated builds:

These account links are used for Automated Builds, so that Docker Hub can access your project lists and help you configure your Automated Builds.

Aside: I am quite sure I once used GitHub (OAuth) just to register or log in. But I cannot find that option on the login page, so maybe I’m wrong. (It seems my password manager tells me I used GitHub OAuth for Docker in April 2019.)

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