Unable to link github account?


I had my dockerhub and github accounts linked, for nearly a year. Today I went to create a new automated build, and in doing so, was prompted to link to my github account.

I walked through the steps, and at the end, revcieved an error:
There was an error during the github account link. Please ensure, you do not have the same github account linked to another dockerhub account

I assumed something got “disconnected” so I unlinked the existing accounts, and confirmed in both github and dockerhub that there is no longer an application linked.

I then proceeded to link the accounts again, but continue to get the above error. I have 1 dockerhub account, and 1 github account. Neither of those 2 accounts show a link, yet the docker hub UI seems to suggest that there is a link that already exists. How do I fix this?