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Docker private registry : How to list all images

(Prathapar) #1

Hi All,

I have configured docker private registry (registry:2 ) and am able to push the images created by me, so that my team can use the same.I have been pushing many images to it successfully.

I would like to know how to list all images in my private registry, is there any command to find out it?

Can you please help me.


(Rzarouali) #2


AFAIK this isn’t possible with registry alone , you have to use an external service to index your registry content.
to ease the deployment and administration of your registry, you can look at 2 nice tool :slight_smile:

Hoping this helps,


(Eric Pugh) #3

I’m adding support for DockerCloud to GrandCentrall.

It takes git hashes and looks for the corresponding docker images, and deploys them. I need to consult our private repo to see if a git hash has corresponding docker images or not, and ended up with this very very very awful hack:

Yep. I basically create a service, see if it starts up successfully, and then if it does, it exists. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t exist. Ugh. I spent hours trying to make a crawler to hit the docker cloud website… the react front end defeated me!

(Peterwillcn) #4


(Akdiallo) #5

Thanks this work for me.

(Suryaveera1995) #6

curl https://username:password/

(Per Lundberg) #7

Further reading on the Docker Registry v2 REST API:

(Cptx86) #8

Docker search registry v2 functionality is currently not supported at the time of this writing. See discussion since Feb 2015: “propose registry search functionality #206

I wrote a script that you can find: It is not pretty but it gets the information needed from the private registry.