Lost all containers after update to 4.10.0

after updating, the desktop asked to run, and then showed a container I never saw before (name flamboyant_matsumoto, image docker/getting-started)… all my previous contains are gone…

the disk image location is
and the data.raw file is in this location, and the size is about right.

but I just can’t see my previous containers…

what should I do…

I moved this topic to “Docker Desktop for Mac” since it has nothing to do with Docker Hub, and based on your disk image location you are using Mac.

It is unfortunate, if you lost your containers should not store any data on their filesystem. If you lost your volumes as well, which is probably the case, that is a bigger problem however.

Are you sure you lost the data and not just acidentally switched to an other Docker context? I have Docker Desktop 4.10.0 on my Mac. I don’t know when I updated to from 4.9.2, but I have my container I created before.

When you say the size is about right, do you mean it probably contains all of your data and it is just not visible? Since my container is still visible, I don’t think Docker changed where it stores data. Did you experienced any unusual behavior during the update process?