I upgraded to Docker Desktop to on Windows and I lost ALL MY WORK!

I upgraded to Docker Desktop to on Windows and I lost ALL MY WORK!

docker system df
TYPE                TOTAL               ACTIVE              SIZE                RECLAIMABLE
Images              0                   0                   0B                  0B
Containers          0                   0                   0B                  0B
Local Volumes       0                   0                   0B                  0B
Build Cache         0                   0                   0B                  0B

Your work is the Dockerfiles you wrote, not the images that was a by product of your work. All you have to do is a bunch of docker build . commands. You should even have some handy scripts for that…
Your data volumes might not be lost either. They might be in a different directory than where docker is now looking for them, else that’s what backup are for.

If you want this to be seen as an issue or a bug, you should give a few more details like :

  • From which version you were upgrading from
  • Did you changed the install path
  • and so on

IMHO docker on windows is not for production use

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Maybe Docker Desktop has created a new virtual hard disk in Hyper-V. Open the settings in Hyper-V manager if you don’t know where to find this folder. First of all, stop Docker Desktop and make a backup of everything you find here. Then, if there is a new and an old hd, rename the new to something else and rename the old to the name of the new. Start Docker Desktop and try again.
I already had some similar incidents and never lost anything, but finally started to believe that it may be a good idea to backup the volumes regularly.

This happened and my existing docker containers got deleted. This is bad.

I should have had backups but I’ve never seen a docker upgrade do this.

Went from to

I will never trust docker again. Neither should you.

Of course I don’t trust any software (zero-trust-with-exit-scenario). :slight_smile:

I still think that @sebt3 is correct and your data is around somewhere. If we speak of your volumes. If you say that your containers have disappeared, this may happen. Containers are volatile and should contain no data.