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Mailhog/mailhog for windows

(Salam Y. ELIAS) #1

I am using mailhog/mailhog on docker on a Linux machine Recently, I started to play with the new containers features of win 2016 so I have docker up and running, not knowing very deeply docker, I thought running the following command

docker run --name mailhog -p 1025:1025 -p 8025:8025 -d mailhog/mailhog

I got the following response on the command line

C:\Program Files\Docker\docker.exe: image operating system “linux” cannot be used on this platform.
See ‘C:\Program Files\Docker\docker.exe run --help’.

So the question, is there any container similar to mailhog for windows platform? It seems that on docker hub, we can not search by OS or category

Thanks in advance



Unfortunately docker do not have consistent way to mark the image between different target architectures or operating systems. Some uses adding markers in the tag of the image, but still it is not standardized even by some common agreed convention.

With the never versions of Windows 2016 (never than 1706 release) it is possible to use Linux images. I do not try it yet just read of it.

Until then you can find image origaminetwork/mailhog useful. It is native windows image. You can find the details on github project page