Map windows directory to docker container

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to docker. i have seen some answer online on forum to map windows directory to docker container. Basically i’m trying to map my windows directory using command “docker run -v //c/users/username/junos:/usr/src carrozzi/juise:latest”. So i can run slax script on container as i’m running on juise CLI. Am i doing something wrong with command or i need any further step? Any help on this would be appreciated.


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On Windows, you can not directly map Windows directory to your container. Because your containers are reside inside a VirtualBox VM. So your docker -v command actually maps the directory between the VM and the container.

So you have to do it in two steps:

  1. Map a Windows directory to the VM through VirtualBox manager
  2. Map a directory in your container to the directory in your VM

You better use the Kitematic UI to help you. It is much eaiser.

Hi Xi ,

Thanks for your reply.

I have set windows directory path in VirtualBox in Shared folder. I also map container directory using this command “docker run -v /c/Users/username/junos:/usr/src carrozzi/juise:latest”. But still problems remains same when i tried to execute script. Please assist me on this if i’m doing something wrong on mapping windows directory to container directory.

Hi Jay,

Did the command succeed, but did not map the volume? What was the particular error/symptom?

If you do

docker-machine ssh default

Can you see the mapped volume from within the VM?


Yes command succeed. Doesn’t shows up any error on terminal.

When i did “docker-machine ssh default” and applied “ls” command nothing shows up on the terminal. so i can’t see mapped volume within the VM.

sorry to ask you that, but I’m new to docker and I have my system on ssd And I need to mount then a directory on a bigger disk on a container that I’ve downloaded in the hub.
So I’ve had the directory in the shared folders in the default vm in virtualbox manager and now I don’t really know what to do next. You said to use kitematic but kitematic only accept subfolders of c:\Users… so how to do it here? And shouldn’t I need to map in fstab or something of the default vm the new directory that I’ve put in the virtualbox manager?
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