Mautic error Starting as Azure App Service

I need some help to understand what’s happenning in my Mautic:latest on Azure App Service configuration.

Even setting the configuration on Azure Application Setting

MAUTIC_DB_HOST=hidden value:3306
MAUTIC_DB_USER=hidden value
MAUTIC_DB_NAME=hidden value

My Mautic App Service doesn’t start… the error log is:

2022-06-29T09:38:06.919980373Z error: missing MAUTIC_DB_HOST and MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP environment variables
2022-06-29T09:38:06.920015474Z Did you forget to --link some_mysql_container:mysql or set an external db
2022-06-29T09:38:06.920020374Z with -e MAUTIC_DB_HOST=hostname:port?

Do I have to add the variables elsewhere too?

Mysql is running OK… I tested using Mysql WorkBench.