[Microsoft/IIS] Not starting after stopped

Hey guys,

I’m having a bit o trouble to use windows containers and here’s the scenario:

  • I install the IIS docker image: “docker run -d --name IISServer microsoft/iis”
  • Stop the container: “docker stop IISServer”
  • Try to start it again: “docker start IISServer”, and not happens
  • Running _“docker logs -t IISServer I see these errors”:
    2017-06-27T17:29:04.589490600Z ERROR ( message:New add object missing required attributes. Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type ‘add’ with unique key attribute ‘name’ set to 'ALLUSERSPROFILE’
    2017-06-27T17:29:04.589490600Z . )
    2017-06-27T17:29:04.589490600Z APPCMD failed with error code 183

It also happens with microfost/aspnet image.

Also, I’m running it on a aws windows server 2016.

I searched on google but found nothing that could help me solve this

Anyone knows why it happens?

This seems to be an open issue with the iis-docker image.
Although I haven’t tried it, the github issue seems to provide a workaround - https://github.com/Microsoft/iis-docker/issues/42