[solved] Docker can't start container. Stop after /v1.23/containers/create

Expected behavior

Creation of a new docker container.

Actual behavior

Stop after creating container.


version: Docker for windows
Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe

Windows 10 pro (Japanese edition)

[12:55:30.128][Proxy ][Info ] proxy << POST /v1.23/images/create?fromImage=hello-world&tag=latest
[12:55:30.144][Proxy ][Info ] proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/create [rewriteBinds]
[12:55:30.145][Proxy ][Info ] proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/create
[12:55:30.147][Proxy ][Info ] Dial
[12:55:30.148][Proxy ][Info ] Dial IP
[12:55:30.217][Proxy ][Info ] proxy << POST /v1.23/containers/create
[12:55:30.219][Proxy ][Info ] proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/4af9e32aa34a82094276254fa4871a22c14220462b9ea01d3bde149bc2e4907b/attach?stderr=1&stdout=1&stream=1
[12:55:30.220][Proxy ][Info ] Dial
[12:55:30.221][Proxy ][Info ] Dial IP
(here is the end of log.)

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. install docker for windows with msi file.
  2. after initial setup, run docker run hello-world

Your output should look similar to this one: https://hub.docker.com/_/hello-world/

How does your PS output look like?

Thank you, Mario.

After re-installation, docker works well…

I can’t identify the difference now and 2 days ago.
(no windows update, and same docker – Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe)