Missing tags when pulling private registry


I’m using bitbucket in combination with docker to create automated builds.
This worked perfectly till yesterday.

I first thought I might have too much tags/builds in the hub. So I deleted first few versions.
But still whenever I try to pull the list of build version in Synology, I only get the previous versions (not even ‘:latest’), although all of them are visible on the hub.docker.com website.

Any ideas?
It’s quite urgent, I need to put the website online by tomorrow.

I have the same issue when deploying services via Docker Cloud… It complains that various repos don’t have the “latest” tag when they do - I can see it in Docker Hub.

Haven’t found a solution yet but would be very handy.

Same problem here!
Also, it’s going too slow.
In my automated repository has appeared a new empty service "{sourceref}"
Algo, an automated deployment that shouldn’t has been triggered, updating my production site instead of the development one!

This is what support guys say:

There was a configuration change to Docker Cloud recently. Prior to this, Docker Cloud Build would always automatically build an image every time a tag was pushed to GitHub. This is now disabled by default, but we added this rule to existing repositories so that they still maintain the old behavior, and users can remove them if wish to do so.