Move location of ~/.docker (Docker's configuration directory)

I’m on macOS and I can set DOCKER_CONFIG and it will effect the command line docker commands but not the Docker UI. There might be a way to do it by hacking around with launchctl but that seems rather ugly.

I’m trying to use XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config convention to prevent my home directory being filled with tons of dot files.

What would that hack be? I use macOS too, but I never changed system-wide variables.
What do you have in the client config file that would be required by the UI?

All that I know is when I start the UI, it recreates the ~/.docker directory and puts files in it. I’d like the UI to not do that and put its files in ~/.config/docker

It sounds like a good feature request to me. Would you like to open a feature request in the roadmap repository?

I would not move the directory by default, but there could be an option during the installation to override the default behavior

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