Moving Mac OSx Docker Desktop appdata to UNRAID server

Hey folks, very new here and very green! I did multiple reddit / github searches and perhaps I’m not refining my search right. But, I am trying to move my docker desktop containers to my unraid server, and I’ve started by locating docker.raw and copying it to the appdata on my UNRAID server. Am I missing something here? will this file contain all the appdata (settings, etc?) for my docker containers that were on my iMac? I’m starting to think it may be easier to start from scratch at this point. Any and all advice welcome!

That is a virtual machine image file, so no, it won’t work. You shouldn’t “move” containers to another server anyway. Just download the same images on the new server and move the data if you have. If you used volumes, you can use the volume backup extension in Docker Desktop. If you bind mounted folders from macOS, you can just copy the data from there. Or if you wrote data on the container’s filesystem (really bad idea), then you need to use docker cp to copy the data out from the container. Stop the containers first. You can copy data from a stopped container too, but you don1t want to copy and write more data at the same time.