Docker For Windows deleted all my data after copying appdata/local from one user to another

I copied the folder AppData\Local\Docker from one user’s directory to another. I was able to see all of the containers, images, volumes from the previous user. However, after restarting Docker none of the containers, images, volumes appear. Did Docker delete or rebuild the AppData\Local\Docker folder? Is my data gone?

Do you mean you could see the images and containers when you started Docker the first time as the new user and it disappeared when you restarted Docker?

I don’t know the asnwer, but I would not copy data like this. Exporting data and then importing in an other environment is what would probably work. I don’t see why Docker Desktop would delete anything after it successfuly used that. If you could never see the images as the new user, then your data might be there, but it can’t use that.

Did you delete the data already from the old location?