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Migrate Docker images from another Mac

(Redsmeg68) #1


my old MacBook Pro finally gave up working and I now have a new one. I couldn’t do the regular user migration from the old Mac as I had moved the user data area away from the the standard location.

So what I have done is to try to migrate over docker images I have manually.

So far I did the following from the old user directory.

  1. Copied of the user Library\Containers\com.docker/docker folder
  2. Copied over the .docker folder
  3. Installed docker and Kitematic

I checked all the docker settings and the only difference I see is that I have a Docker.qcow2 from the old Mac and this one has a Docker.raw file.

I’m assuming I need to either get docker to point to the qcow2 or convert it to raw format for docker to recognize my old containers.

when I do a docker ps -a on the old machine I get a list of containers on the new I get nothing as I assume it’s looking at the empty Docker.raw

Any help would be appreciated.

(Redsmeg68) #2

Nothing ? No Ideas from anyone ?