Multi cloud networking and storage

Hi there!! I’m building out v2 of our docker based architecture (multi-cloud, 1000+ nodes). This time I want to replace my homegrown cluster solution with docker swarm :grin: However, I also need two more things;

  1. A networked and container enabled storage solution.
  2. A mulit-cloud networking solution.


  1. I have been following for quite some time with great interest. Seem just my fit, and I was super happy when docker bought them a while back. Is there any new on the progress of integrating infinit into docker? Does it makes sense to deploy a cluster now or wait for the swarm service?

  2. Currently I am using ZeroTier - - for my networking needs. It has proved very scaleable and solid. I can use it on a pr. container basis or a pr. node basis and it’s cross cloud by default +++ Has anyone looked into making a Swarm service for ZeroTier? I can find very little info about this which I find weird considering the perfect match of these two technologies.

Any feedback super appreciated!! Private or public :grin: :tada: :+1: