My containers have no hostconfig.json files

I have no hostconfig.json files at /var/lib/docker/containers

Actually, the containers directory is empty even though I have two containers.

Where else might I find the hostconfig.json files for my containers?

Thank you


You can run “docker inspect CONTAINERNAME” to see where docker is putting its data.
But it should be in /var/lib/docker by default

Since you chose “Docker Desktop for Linux” category, /var/lib/docker must be in the virtual machine of Docker Desktop.

“docker inspect CONTAINERNAME” generates a lot of output, including some paths to the containers… or paths to where I would expect to find the containers. For example, /var/lib/docker/containers/. However, if I cd into /var/lib/docker/containers, the directory is empty.

The path to the virtual machine is /opt/docker-desktop, I believe. I don’t see anything in there that seems relevant. If I do…
find . -name “hostconfig.json”
…in that directory, there are no results.

That may be the path of the Virtual machine disk, but the data is inside the VM on that disk. Not on the host. Since those are the most important files, I don’t think Docker would save it on the host to make Docker Desktop slower