Native support for openVswitch bridge

Hi whomever,

Using a legacy Linux bridge setting works fine, but is there yet any native support for non legacy Linux

I’ve installed the latest release via the Docker-CE yum repo. hoping to see it automatically use a pre-created
OVS bridge and the underlay-driver (using the latest stable openvswitch release 2.7.0). I tried a daemon.json
config. setting with “bridge”: “value” set to an ovs-bridge that I had setup beforehand and it complained.

Hoping to avoid the automatic creation of the default docker0 legacy Linux bridge, I was pleased to discover
that was achieved by setting “bridge”: “none” in daemon.js! I hope that option is stable.

If native OVS bridge support exists in the latest Docker, how do I use it? If not, will it ever be?

Thanks in advance.