Need some clarification on Docker


After watching [youtube][1] video on docker I decided to give it a shot.
I installed docker on Mac and then pull some repos with Debian.
I was able to push pull to my own repos etc.
The idea of having N developers and production server same and up to date is great.
It is just I do not get few things and really need some answers:

I mean it looks to me that I have to do double job on everything.
I have to do setup of some linux (lamp) on container and then to do security on it.
After that I have to do security etc on dedicated server (or laptop or wherever i have containers).

Then other thing is networking. I will have to do routing via iptables or some firewall (hardware or whatever).

I mean I really like idea where I as a developer can share my container with others in my team.
And we do not have to spend lot of time configuring and figuring out why some app is not working on mac or windows or linux.

Can anyone tell me if I understand Docker correctly?
And one more thing. Why my container stops when I type exit. How to exit without stoping the container?


I think you’ll find the documentation really useful to get many of the answers you want - Docker helps you link containers together, and set what ports are exposed on the host’s interfaces.

This is not to say that your Docker host doesn’t need to be looked after - but you can reduce its footprint markedly.

As to your container exiting when you exit the process - thats because Linux containers are not a ‘thing’ like VM’s are, they’re just a group of Kernel settings around the application you’re running - the docker run will help you there :smile:


Thank you Sven but you did not actually answer my question.

Question "Can anyone tell me if I understand Docker correctly?"
was based on this : “The idea of having N developers and production server same and up to date is great.”.

I will sure take a look into the user manuals.

I think you’re on the right track, but that you will understand much more after you read a bit more, and that will likely change your questions.