Need suggestion about OS

I have a system which i want to use to deliver multiple applications. I am not bound to use linux or windows in host system. My only condition is the container applications may be linux only, mac only or windows only. I know guest containers will use kernels of main OS and so I am confused. I cant use 3 PCs cause I only have enough financial support to invest in single PC that I have for deploying variety of Apps. Kindly suggest which OS to use as host and docker containers.

Moreover, I have my image of Windows XP, for experimental purposes, for old softwares running only in XP trial versions, how to incorporate the local iso to install as containers, so that I can provide minimal windows kernal to apps.

Saurabh Gayali

You can install linux on single box (ubuntu for example), install virtualbox as a simplest virtualization with “human face”.
Next install 2 vm`s with windows and linux and run docker on both of them.

Same you can do using windows as a host system.

main idea - use PC as hypervisor and install any system inside virtual machine.