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Best practice for running virtual guests alongside docker

(Sshaikh) #1

I’m finally ready to migrate my trusted OpenVz containers to Docker. My requirements have changed slightly in that I now need to host a windows machine alongside the containers. What’s the best way to achieve this? I see the options as being:

  1. Run a type 1 hypervisor and dedicate one VM to linux hosting docker containers and another to Windows.

This seems a bit overkill considering i only need one Windows guest.

  1. Run a lightweight pure host for all the docker containers and then spin up a virtual machine host in a new container.

Is this even possible? If so, how? If this can work then it’s the preferred solution I think.

  1. Roll my own mixed Linux server that will host VMs and containers, a la Proxmox or OpenNode.

I guess this would work but I prefer the thinner layers of the previous solutions.