New Release ......updating (Docker-Machine / Engine)


I have 3/4 exiting VMs - all created via Virtualbox. They will not update after the user has downloaded the latest version of Docker Toolbox, still showing version as v1.10.3

When I create a new node, which works fine and is version v1.11.0

VMs / Nodes created using Virtualbox do not have access to apt-get, therefore they cannot be updated and other packages cannot be installed on the node. Is this correct? Is there a way around this? Or am I incorrect in my statement?


You can upgrade them with this command:

docker-machine upgrade default

Replacing default with the name of each machine as needed.

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Jeff, excellent thank you!

Any work around for apt-get update, upgrade and install on VM/nodes created with Virtualbox?

I need to install git and vim?

@nathanleclaire any idea on a work around for this Nathan?

If you are running a debian or ubuntu VM, you could use the normal apt commands to do an upgrade.

If you are talking about the boot2docker VMs, however, then you’ll want to use the docker-machine upgrade command to upgrade those.

I am running the out of the box VM from Docker Toolbox, i.e. boot2docker VMs


docker-machine create -d virtualbox test01

when this vm boots up, a user is unable to use the following commands

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install

This then leads to another issue

If a VM/Node is spun up from a cloud platform
docker-machine create -d digitalocean --token(etc) test02
when the vim package is installed

The arrow keys will now work, editing a file is a nightmare!

@pedro47 The VM operating system is boot2docker. It is based on Tiny Core Linux and is different than Ubuntu, so apt-get won’t work. boot2docker’s equivalent is called tce-load, but generally isn’t recommended as all installed packages will be wiped on reboot due to the read only filesystem.

vi (note this is vi, not vim) is available if you need to edit something within the VM. If you need something more hardcore, run it in a container using interactive mode. You can also edit files on the host and access them within the VM’s VirtualBox shared folder mount.

This I do not understand. They work fine for me when SSHed into an instance.

The boot2docker VM is not ubuntu/debian, and it does not have apt. It is based on tinycorelinux, and it does have tce-load should you want to install a tinycore package. more often than not, you shouldn’t need to do that.

This sounds like a completely separate concern to what your original query was-- how to upgrade the docker version on a boot2docker vm.

as for arrow keys not working as intended in vim, usually that is due to your TERM not being set correctly, or the server not having a proper termcap file for your terminal.

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