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Newbie with Docker, have some questions with Docker deployment

(Arnasl) #1

Hello everyone,
I’m newbie with Docker and I have some questions. What I want to do:

  • Setup local Docker development environment (Mac os x)

    1. Create Docker Image for Wordpress website
    1. Create WordPress container (
  • That should be enough to run wordpress website or I need any other containers?

  • Now when steps above are done. I want to deploy my wordpress website to DigitalOcean Droplet. So now how should I do that?

    1. Install Docker on DigitalOcean droplet and then just copy docker image from local to this deploy droplet?
    1. Or should I follow this tutorial
    1. Or there is any other method? I read about Kubernetes with Docker, but I didn’t get it everything about it.

Also I think important to mention I want to use version control Bitbucket for wordpress files, so in which part of deployment it has to be involved I don’t know. I hope you get my point and waitting your help. Thanks!

(Arnasl) #2

I tried to make a scheme of my understanding.

[Local-development] Mac OS X -> Docker for Mac -> Docker File -> Build Docker Image -> Compose Docker Containers

[Remote-production] DigitalOcean -> DO Droplet Ubuntu-> Docker Enterprise -> Docker File -> Build Docker Image -> Compose Docker Containers

[Deploying] …

What scheme should be here? Where is part for GIT and correct me if I’m wrong somewhere above.